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            I have tried to cover any questions you might have missed within the web pages.

Question -- How many people can I bring?
              Answer -- My furnished vacation home will sleep a maximum of 6 to 8 people. There are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. We are located directly on Highway 101 North.   


Question -- What about noise from the highway?

             There is some noise from the highway.  After 2 days I don't notice the noise.  There is hedge that is growing rapidly to block the noise level.

Question -- Telephone calls & internet hookups?
              Answer -- The telephone will make free local calls and around the U.S.A.  All calls (even local) must have a 1 in front of the area code. You may use a credit card or collect calling card for all other long distance calls. There is a high speed DSL wireless for your computer. Cell phones DO NOT always work in this area.

Question -- When do I get my security deposit back?
               Answer -- The policy states that the deposit will be returned within 30 days following the checkout procedure.  The house is to be left as clean as it was received or you will be charged $25 per hour which will be subtracted from the security deposit.

Question -- Will my security deposit check be cashed?
               Answer --  Your security deposit may be deposited and used to cover any expenses if the house is not left as clean and neat as it is received.


Question -- Are there linens and towels provided?

                Answer – Yes.  Short term tenants will have fresh linens on the beds and towels inside each bathroom.  Long term tenants will have access to additional linens. 


Question -- Is there any children equipment?

                Answer -- Yes.  There is a play pen crib in the entry hall closet and there are child gates provided in the hall and entry way closets.

Question -- Is there a TV, VCR, DVD, Stereo, movies, music?
                Answer -- Yes. There are 4 televisions, 2 VCR's, Blue Ray and 2 DVD's.  There is  expanded cable TV. You must use the correct labeled remote control for the correct TV unit. There are also movies, records, cassette tapes, video tapes, CD's, DVDs, books and games in the video library and entry hall cabinet. 

Question -- Is there anyplace to eat?
            Answer -- Yes.  There is a dining room table with 6 chairs.  There are 2 fold able chairs inside the hall closet.


Question -- What's outside in the patio?

            Answer -- There are lawn chairs, patio chairs, Bar-b-que, metal end tables, fire pit and 2 picnic tables located by the fence and strapped down with easy to remove ties.

Question -- Tourist train noise?

             Answer -- The steam train runs from June to September and can be boarded at the Red Caboose in the center of town.

Question -- Is there any sports items?

             Answer -- Yes.  There are badminton rackets, kites, and baseball gloves and balls in the entry way closet.

Question -- Are there extra blankets anywhere?
              Answer -- Yes.  Additional blankets and pillows are in every bedroom closet.

Question -- Is there an ironing board and iron?
               Answer -- Yes.  An ironing board and iron are located in the front entry closet.

Question -- Is there a coffee pot or tea pot?
              Answer -- Yes.  There are 2 coffee pots.  One for coffee and one for hot water that are clearly marked.