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Welcome to our family's Rockaway Beach, Oregon vacation home. Whether you are a group of 6 people looking for a fun coastal gathering or a couple in need of a relaxing romantic getaway our furnished vacation home will suit your needs.

Located just 1 1/2 hours from Portland, Oregon, our furnished vacation home is located in front of the Cresant Lake wetlands in Rockaway Beach, Oregon where you'll find all the rest and relaxation or vacation adventure you are seeking to enjoy.

Rockaway Beach, Oregon is located on U.S. Highway 101 on the beautiful Pacific Ocean and is surpassed by none other on the Oregon Coast. Long, sandy beaches, uncluttered by litter or crowds, giving you the peacefulness you seek when you escape to the coast.


Driving through the lush evergreen forests, Rockaway Beach has long been a favorite stop along the Oregon Coast for vacation rentals, dining, shopping, camping, kite flying, whale watching, fishing, storm watching, seven miles of sandy beach, events all year long - it's all here.


The residents who live here in Rockaway Beach are friendly, helpful and welcome visitors to enjoy their town and the relaxing life style.


Rockaway Beach was originally built as a beach vacation getaway in the 1920’s. People wanted a resort at the coast to visit with their families, and Rockaway offered just the right beach destination.

Best known for its pristine beaches, this area remains a traveler favorite.There are also golfing, fishing and hiking activities to take advantage of in this coastal town. Rockaway Beach is surpassed by none other on the Central Oregon Coast.


We have a steam engine that runs from Wheeler to Garibaldi during the summer.  Try it for a different view of the coast line.

Perfect for honeymoons, anniversaries or just a great couples retreat!  Rockaway Beach sunsets are to cherish, if you want to be hypnotized, stay here. If you are a storm chaser, during high tide in the winter, the waves are known to splash.

We are backed by natural wetlands (Cresent Lake) that are abundant with flora and fauna and we are fronted by Highway 101 North for easy entry.


Google Earth shows our home at the elevation of 18' using 45*37'47.62" N by 123* 56'29.93" W


On a dry breezy day during the fall remember your old westerns and imagine a buffalo herd running across the plains making a magnificent dust trail while you ride on your pony after them.


Or watch our eagle gently float across the wetland looking for dinner and stopping to light atop our large trees.

Our home is ready to be enjoyed anytime of  the year and will hold a maximum of 6 people. Our affordable vacation home is ready any time and as often as you can get away to the beach!

This coastal 3 bedroom, 2 bath home is all about resting, relaxing and enjoying our family's home.