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Dear Guests of Rockaway Beach Oregon Getaway:


          We want you to enjoy yourself in our home and enjoy the area attractions that Tillamook County has to offer:    

           A white binder on the coffee table and has numerous ideas of things to do, where to eat and includs maps of the area. 

           Please feel free to add your ideas and comments for the next guests.

           Our home is ready for you except food stuffs.   You must bring these items.  There are emergency supplies and some incidental supplies.  Please treat our home with respect and consideration and leave it as clean you received it so that your full deposit is returned.  Thank you



             Our vacation home comprises of a master bedroom with a queen bed, TV, DVD and a private bath with a walk-in shower, toilet and vanity, the 2nd bedroom has a trundle bed set (2 twin beds), TV, DVD, VCR, couch and dresser, the 3rd bedroom has a trundle bed set (2 twin beds), TV, DVD, VCR and dresser, the 2nd bathroom has a bath tub/shower combination, vanity and toilet, the living room has a double hide-a-bed, love seat, coffee table, TV, Blue Ray and an electrical fireplace for ambiance, the dining room has an antique bamboo table, 6 chairs and  wall cabinets, the hall has a bookcase full of things to do and the kitchen holds dishes, pots and pans, microwave, garbage disposal, dishwasher and anything you might want for a meal except the food.  The laundry room is available for long term tenants of one week or more.

              Our home is nonsmoking due to severe allergies and respect for forth coming tenants.



              House keys will be left for you on the dining room table.  When leaving please return them to the same place.    

               The lock box is located next to the front and back glass door.  The combination will be sent to you with your reservations.  Please put any lock box keys back inside the lock box.

              There will be a $20 charge for any lost keys.

              Please turn down the heat to 55 upon leaving (see Housekeeping/cleaning).



             All registration forms, reservations and rental costs are to be mailed to: Rockaway Beach Oregon Getaway, 215 Liberty Street, Santa Cruz, California 95060-6514 USA.

            You may make the check out to Rockaway Beach Oregon Getaway.

            Full payment of all short term rental fees is required thirty (30) days or more before your arrival date or by PayPal.

            Full payment for all long term rental fees is required a minimum of sixty (60) days or more before your arrival date.

            A refundable security fee of $175.00 is required for our home, these fees are refundable provided there is NO additional cleaning required (see Housekeeping/cleaning).

           If you cancel thirty (30) days or more before your arrival date 100% will be refunded.  If you cancel fifteen to twenty- nine (15-29) days, 50% will be refunded. If you cancel within fourteen (14) days of your arrival date, you will forfeit the full security fee. We will accept checks, cashiers checks, money orders, and cash or use a PayPal account ( ) sent to for all credit cards transactions.
               All reservations will be held for a maximum of seven (7) days.  If your full security fee has not been received during this time period, your reservation is unsecured and the dates will go back on the open rental calendar.

               When we have received your security fee(s) and your full payment, we will send you a confirmation letter with instructions for entering the house.

               Your rental fees are NOT refunded after your arrival or check in.



           Check in time is after 3:00 P.M. on your arrival date

           Check out time is by 11:00 A.M.

           Times can be altered in advance if needed for plane flights.
           Any unapproved or late check outs, your signature on the registration form authorizes Rockaway Beach Oregon Getaway to charge a $25 per hour late fee and retain it from your security deposit.



           There are to be no more than the registered guests listed on your registration form staying overnight in our home.  Parties,  smoking, loud noises, fireworks (July 4th) or loud music is strictly prohibited and will result in eviction from the rental house.

           Guests assume all risks and liabilities for accidents or injury to their persons, property or to their guests, except in the case of specific negligence by Rockaway Beach Oregon Getaway.  Insurance is not provided to cover any guest or guest's personal property. 

            This agreement imposes an obligation of good faith in its performance and enforcement on all parties. 

            If a guest defaults in the performance of any of the obligations contained herein, Rockaway Beach Oregon Getaway or the owner, will be entitled to recover all costs and expenses including court costs and reasonable attorney fees.

           This rental home is privately owned and is strictly limited to the guests listed on the registration form.

            Unauthorized persons who are not properly identified will be required to vacate the home immediately.

           Upon departure, the home should be left as clean and neat and ready for the next guests as it was received. (see Housekeeping/cleaning).



          Please replenish the emergency supplies if you use them.

          Blankets, comforters and pillows are provided on each bed, as well as inside each bedroom closet.



          All cabinets are labeled with what is inside them.
          The kitchen has utensils, dishes and pots and pans for cooking.

          The pots and pans are Teflon aluminum.   These range in size from frying pans, 1 pint to 6 quarts. 

           Do not throw grease, or stringy peelings (banana, artichokes and asparagus) into the garbage disposal. 

           Dish towels and hot pads are in the kitchen drawers.

           Please use hot pads whenever placing hot items on the counters, floors or table.

           You are responsible for providing your own food, specialty items, condiments and supplies.  
            If you should finish any of our homes food items, please replace them before departing.



            We do understand accidents, however if there are any damages, or the housekeeping service is required to do any additional cleaning or repairs, there will be an hourly charge of $25 per hour to fix or clean up the problem.  These charges will be removed from the security fee as necessary.

            Each guest is required to leave the house as it was found, in good condition, clean and neat and all items returned to their original locations.         

             **NOTE:    Rockaway Beach Oregon Getaway is not responsible for lost items such as money, jewelry, or other personal property of any kind.   

             **The house keys must be returned to the dining room table so they can be picked up by the caretaker upon departure.

             If you move the furniture for any reason, please remember to move it back.

             The house is heated and cooled (no air conditioning) by forced air. 



          If a problem arises during your stay, please contact Claudia Wallace, 1-831-426-0874 or please specify it on the evaluation form so it can be handled immediately.  We will make every effort to correct a problem as quickly as possible but we cannot guarantee that it will be finished within the time of your stay.



          Please be very careful of what you put in the toilet or down the drains.

          DO NOT put anything such as disposable diapers, baby wipes, facial wipes, grease, Kleenex, sanitary napkins, tampons, paper towels and other paper items down toilet or garbage disposal.

           Be certain that ALL garbage and trash are removed and placed inside the garbage can at the left end of the driveway. 

           Make sure the lids and the gates are secured so animals are unable to get into them



          Cell phones may or may not work in this area.

          The land line telephone is free for all calls within the U.S.A. and emergencies. 

          You can make long distance calls using your credit card, a calling card, or calling collect.



         Check the weather at  and place in the zip code of 97136.  

         Please drive safely.

         Do not drink or text while driving.



          We have no control over too much snow, not enough snow, too much rain, too little rain, low temperatures, high temperatures, or any other Acts of God or the Universe.

          We also have no control over power outages, cell phone reception, telephone outages, or the cancellation of local events.

         We hope your visit to Rockaway Beach, Oregon and our home is an enjoyable experience.  Please tell us your comments and your concerns by completing the evaluation form left for you on the dining room table.